Digital Learning Initiative

We are excited to continue to lean into digital learning. With all of our recent investments in technology on campus, we are now taking the next step and launching a Digital Learning Initiative.

As part of the initiative, all high school students will be required to bring a laptop to school with them starting in Fall 2022*. This tool will not only augment their current learning, but will help lay the foundation for college and career.

Here are the recommended minimum specifications:

  • Memory (RAM): 8 GB
  • Storage (Hard Disk): 256 GB SSD
  • Screen size: 13-15 inches
  • Operating system: Windows 11 or Professional, or MacOS Monterey
  • Weight: Under 5 pounds
  • Battery life: At least 5 hours

Here are some things to avoid:

  • Heavy laptops: Remember that you will likely carry this around all day
  • Mechanical hard disks: Be sure you see the letters SSD next to the size (e.g., 256 GB SSD)
  • Battery lives under 5 hours: Not all classrooms on campus have easy access to plug-ins
  • Refurbished, renewed or clearance machines: Purchasing a new laptop ensures you are purchasing the latest generation of technology