Academic Success Center

Dedicated to every student's success through personal coaching and support

The Student Success Center serves every student at Sound Christian Academy. Every student is on their own unique academic and development journey. As a team–faculty, educational specialists, and department leaders–we are 100% dedicated to helping each student strive, thrive, and achieve. 

Every student is unique, with diverse talents, strengths, and weaknesses. From the earliest grades through senior year, we intentionally work with them and seek to help them whether they need instructional support or if they need expanded opportunities to grow and advance, 

Helping kids to succeed can be a complex task. It’s not just about students learning concepts or facts or math approaches. It’s about helping students discover their God-given purpose and to support them personally in that journey. While that task is way beyond a school’s ability exclusively to deliver, we can play a role. Some think of it as a stool that has three legs. We are one of the legs to support students, partnering with the family and the local church, the other two legs of the stool.

Meet Jared Hunt, Our Student Success Coach

Our Academic Success Center is led by Jared Hunt, a licensed pastor (of nine years) who also serves a church in Federal Way. A former member of the army, Jared has seven years of higher education and many years of working with teens. Jared first offers a listening ear and then provides tailored support based on the need. As he explained, “We all need someone to listen to us. My role on campus is to help students discover their purpose, equipping and encouraging them. My prayer is that all the students discover how God made them before the foundations of the world.”

Jared Hunt

Student Success Coach

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