Concurrent Credit

Earn High School and College Credits

Thinking ahead about college? Considering Running Start or Advanced Placement classes as your only option?

Think again!

Did you know your student can earn college credits at Sound Christian Academy for a fraction of the cost of college?

Our Concurrent Credit options are taught by the faculty you know and love using an accredited Christian university’s curriculum.

We are pleased to partner with Northwest University to provide college course credit.

Concurrent Credit is one of the most cost-efficient ways to get a head start on a student’s college education.

AP classes are standardized through the CollegeBoard and college credit is received based on a test taken at the end of the school year and sent to a college directly from the CollegeBoard. It is not transcripted.

For Concurrent Credit, college credit is received through Northwest University based on the student’s enrollment in the course and passing of the class. College credits are sent directly from Northwest University on a NU transcript and is also documented on a student’s high school transcript as high school credit.

Contact Director of College Career Counseling and Registrar Amy Reinmuth.
2022-23 Bible Classes

Paul's Epistles (9th and 10th grade)

Systematic Theology (11th and 12th grade)

Receive college credit through Northwest University concurrently with the high school Bible classes offered at SCA!

Students remain in the same classes with their peers and are expected to complete additional work and reading, including a college-level textbook and additional papers.

This is a fantastic option for students who have a strong understanding of the Bible and are willing to push and challenge themselves.

College credits would be accepted at Northwest University and could transfer to another college or university.

Pentateuch (9th and 10th grade) and Christian Life (11th and 12th grade) are offered on alternating years with Paul's Epistles and Systematic Theology.

2022-23 English Classes

Survey of American Literature (full year = three college credits)

American Literature (11th grade)

British Literature (12th grade)

Earn high school credit and three college credits through Northwest University! Juniors will have the opportunity to take Survey of American Literature, a chronological study of the impact of American authors on the history of our country.

Seniors may enroll in Survey of English Literature, a study of British Literature from Anglo-Saxon times to the 21st century.

College credits would be accepted at Northwest University and could transfer to another college or university.

2022-23 History Class

U.S. History (11th grade)

2022-23 Science Class

Biology (11th and 12th grade, pre-requisite of Chemistry)

Concurrent credit fees

Students pay Sound Christian Academy a fee of $250 per 3-credit course and $330 per 4-credit course through the Finance Office. (approx. $83 per credit)
*Please note students may be required to purchase additional college-level textbooks. These costs are not included in the per-credit fee.


To register for Concurrent Credit classes at Sound Christian Academy, please indicate your interest on your high school course selection worksheet or contact Amy Reinmuth, Director of College Career Counseling and Registrar.
How are Concurrent Credit courses recorded on student transcripts?

Northwest University records Concurrent Credit courses on university transcripts in the same manner as all other earned credits regardless of how or where the credits were earned. Information includes the course code and title, semester, final grade, and grade point average. Concurrent Credit courses do not contain any special coding denoting how or where they were earned. SCA will also add the course onto the official student high school transcript.

Are Concurrent Credit courses transferable?
Yes! Northwest University is accredited at the same level as all major universities such as Washington and Washington State. Concurrent Credit courses earned at NU are transferable to other universities in the same way as all NU courses.

However, each university sets its own transfer policies, and some courses may not satisfy other university requirements regardless of how they were delivered.

An example would be that some science courses may not transfer into another university’s science program. The issue is not the delivery mode but the course content. If you have questions, it is advised to check with the receiving school.

Northwest University

Northwest University (NU) is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NCCU). Learn more about Northwest University's program by visiting
Download the Concurrent Credit School Viewbook from Northwest University.