MOTUS Mentoring Groups

Faculty-led mentoring groups for middle and high school students

MOTUS (Latin for movement) teams were created to help students move forward by providing spiritual support, direction, and encouragement through our gifted faculty. We believe spiritual mentorship improves the community health of our student body and results in a higher rate of success (both spiritually and academically). By receiving mentoring, students achieve goals, accomplish tasks, and gain perspective for their spiritual journey.


MOTUS Teams are designed as a positive and safe place for students to express their aspirations, struggles, and opinions. Students should experience the joy of knowing their voices are being heard and respected by their mentors and peers, even if they disagree.


With humility, respect, and love, mentors guide students toward healthy spiritual and social goals and away from unhealthy ones that may miss God’s purposes. 


During each MOTUS meeting, mentors seek to celebrate the wins of students and applaud them for their Christ-like conduct, their unique gifts, and their hard work.

Because we believe loving someone includes hard conversations, mentors also probe unwise choices, unbiblical thinking, and harmful behavior in order to seek the well-being of the student. With prayer, even those uncomfortable moments produce spiritual and emotional fruit and mutual respect between mentors and mentees.

New for the 2022-23 school year is our MOTUS Inspire Series, which will feature events meant to help students make plans for their post-high school life.
The first part of the series involved filling out surveys to help students decide if they want to go to a four-year, two-year or trade school or follow a calling into the military.
The second part of our MOTUS Inspire series will take place on Thursday, Feb. 2.
An exciting day is planned for all secondary students as they investigate and learn more about their future career callings.
What will be happening that day?
6th and 7th graders
  • A deeper dive into careers that they looked at in the first Inspire event, including research and conversations about required post-high school schooling requirements as well as what they may need to accomplish during the next few years of secondary school.
  • Setting goals and gaining knowledge about careers as their main focus.
  • They will be on campus during the regularly scheduled MOTUS group time.
8th-10th graders
  • Will be off campus all day.
  • Will visit one of three tracks – four-year universities (Pacific Lutheran and University of Puget Sound), two-year colleges (Tacoma Community College and Green River CC) or career and technical schools (Clover Park and Bates).
  • Students will be placed in one of the three tracks based on the career inventory results from the first Inspire event.
  • All students need to bring a sack lunch. There will be no opportunity to purchase food.
  • Chaperones are needed, potentially including drivers. Please contact College and Career Counseling and Registrar Amy Reinmuth for more information.
  • Permission slips must be signed and returned to the office. If you don’t want your student to go, there will be no on campus alternative for them that day.
  • Students will be doing a lot of walking, so please send them prepared for weather and with good walking shoes.
11th and 12th graders
  • Will do a deep dive into finalizing (or starting) their college/and or post high school choices
  • Researching and applying for scholarships
  • Answering the ‘what do I do now?’ questions for those going into a trade
  • How to make big decisions for their post high school career plans
  • This will take place on campus during the regularly scheduled MOTUS group time