MOTUS Mentoring Groups

Faculty-led mentoring groups for middle and high school students

MOTUS (Latin for movement) teams were created to help students move forward by providing spiritual support, direction, and encouragement through our gifted faculty. We believe spiritual mentorship improves the community health of our student body and results in a higher rate of success (both spiritually and academically). By receiving mentoring, students achieve goals, accomplish tasks, and gain perspective for their spiritual journey.


MOTUS Teams are designed as a positive and safe place for students to express their aspirations, struggles, and opinions. Students should experience the joy of knowing their voices are being heard and respected by their mentors and peers, even if they disagree.


With humility, respect, and love, mentors guide students toward healthy spiritual and social goals and away from unhealthy ones that may miss God’s purposes. 


During each MOTUS meeting, mentors seek to celebrate the wins of students and applaud them for their Christ-like conduct, their unique gifts, and their hard work.

Because we believe loving someone includes hard conversations, mentors also probe unwise choices, unbiblical thinking, and harmful behavior in order to seek the well-being of the student. With prayer, even those uncomfortable moments produce spiritual and emotional fruit and mutual respect between mentors and mentees.