Lions Pride Booster Club

Getting behind our mighty Lions!

Our Mission

To foster and support winning and sustainable, Christ-centered sports programs that develop all student athletes into Christ honoring men and women of God starting from elementary all the way through high school.

We believe this will be accomplished through:

  • Encouraging and actively seeking the involvement and support of parents, alumni, and the surrounding community.
  • Raising funds through fundraisers, sponsors, sporting events, and donations to ensure all students have the opportunity to participate in well-run and successful sports programs.
  • Working closely with parents, coaches, school officials, and the athletic department to identify and fund areas of athletic need.

What We Believe

We believe athletics are a gift from God that should be used to…

…reinforce lessons learned in a classroom.
…nurture and develop the principles of Christ-like leadership, sportsmanship, humility, and respect in the framework of competitive sports.
…provide a place for students to hone their God-given skills in an environmnet that is filled with friends and families starting in elementary and continuing with them all the way through high school.
…glorify God.

Get Involved!

Exciting news is coming soon!  Check back soon for specific Booster Club goals and exciting changes coming to SCA athletics!

Interested in being part of the Lions Pride Booster Club?  Learn more.

Contact Caleb Timmer ’01

Booster Club President


Here is Caleb’s Story

Caleb Timmer loves Jesus and is blessed to work in a job that he enjoys as a Structural Engineer for Sitts & Hill Engineers in Tacoma, Wa. His work involves the design and construction of projects ranging from residential houses and waterfront piers to machine foundations and industrial buildings.
Caleb graduated from Sound Christian in 2001 and was involved in Soccer and Track and Field throughout his high school years. He has a passion for sports and enjoys coaching his daughter’s soccer teams while also staying active through his love of running. His wife, Carri Jo, is a current SCA board member and active volunteer for the Parent Volunteer Network.

Caleb and Carri Jo have been married since 2007 and have four children, all of which currently attend SCA. They are also active members of Puget Sound Foursquare and have co-led multiple medical mission trips to Myanmar.

Launching the Lions Pride Booster Club

What an exciting time to be part of Sound Christian Athletics. From a new school name and mascot (Go Lions!), to a new athletic director (Rick Noren) to a new sport being offered (golf), this will be a year to remember. We are excited to see SCA sports take a fresh step forward into our new identity.

Speaking of new starts, we want to introduce ourselves. We are the SC Lions Booster Club and this is our first year of operations. Our mission is to foster and support winning and sustainable, Christ-centered sports programs that develop all student-athletes into Christ-honoring men and women of God.

We are excited to partner with SC Athletics and will be working closely with our new athletic director and coaches to identify and fund areas of athletic need.

Here are a few ways you can join in and make this a memorable first year of Lions dominance.

Join the Booster Club

We are looking for parent representatives from each sport to move our new organization forward.

Please see our website and contact us for open positions.

Volunteer: Join the SCA concessions team by signing up here.
Become an official school

Sponsor: Check out the available packages and benefits.

Donate: With the new name and mascot comes the need for new uniforms and equipment. The Booster Club is looking to step in and help with these costs and we ask that you consider joining us in helping ensure our student-athletes have all the uniforms and equipment they need to succeed. You can donate here.

Go Golfing: Sign up a golf team and come out to support Athletics at the Sound Christian Golf Classic! Sign up here.
We have some big hopes and dreams for the future of SCA athletics and are making plans to bring them about.

It all starts with you. Please consider joining us in helping create a culture of God-honoring success for all our student-athletes.

Caleb Timmer
Booster Club President

 2310 S 66th Street Tacoma, WA 98409         253.475.7226 x106
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