Discovery and expression through the arts

Our arts classes and co-curricular activities are all designed to help students experience God in a new and fresh way. There is nothing more profound than seeing a student step out to create and, in the process, discover a gift or, and catalyze a passion.

As arts educators, we live for those moments when students step out of their comfort zone and express themselves with vulnerability. It takes courage, and we are here to cheer them on. Those moments sometimes yield a glimmer in the eye, a small smile, or a little skip in the step. 

Performing arts, visual Arts, worship arts

The arts are an essential part of the SCA experience. The school has developed K-12 education tracks of arts-related core curriculum and electives. These include traditional art classes, music instruction, theater, speech, interrelated literature, poetry, and creative writing. These education tracks complement opportunities to express creative gifts in choral groups, band, theater, speech, graphic arts, photography, painting, sculpture, pottery making, and the worship team.

Discovery through experiences and field trips

Trips to see a Shakespeare play and visit museums in Seattle allow students to experience and learn more about the arts. We are passionate about the arts being a large part of the educational display of our Creator. We can discover more of His attributes and our world because the arts facilitate a different way to learn that, if ignored, deny a core part of our capacity and potential.


Performance and other artistic expressions enable students to experience the joy and beauty of the creative process, in which God Himself delights as Creator. Artistic expressions offer every student a pathway to deepen their understanding of God, participate creatively in His beautiful, redemptive work in our world, and worship Him.

These opportunities instill confidence, helping students to see who they are and who they can become. In every art form, we encourage students to tell stories of redemption and grace, instilling a deep sense of uniqueness that encourages them to go out into the world.

A vision for the future: a community-wide production

Our vision is to engage our whole community in a dramatic production. Actors would act, musicians perform, visual artists paint backdrops, graphic and digital artists create promotional material, technicians support and record productions, and many others contribute behind the scenes. When we rise to a challenge like this, it builds community and causes everyone to grow. It also opens the eyes of parents to the God-given talents of their children.”

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