Our School’s Name Change

Sound Christian Academy opened its doors officially in 2021. Formerly known as Tacoma Baptist Schools and founded in 1960, the school adopted its new name to broaden its reach to churches, neighborhoods, and families who want to join the Sound Christian community.

The leadership of SCA, the Board of Directors, and the Administrative Leadership Team, et al., came to this name change decision with prayerful contemplation, collegial conversation, and much deliberation. The Baptist name was a part of the school’s founding history and rich legacy. However, it did not accurately convey who we have been and are becoming. 

The school recently celebrated its 60th Jubilee Anniversary, and we will continue to do so – building on the strength of our foundation as we prepare for the future.

On July 1, 2021, our legal 501c3 nonprofit corporate identity, formerly doing business as the Tacoma Baptist School Crusaders, began doing business as the Sound Christian Academy Lions.

We are excited about these changes and believe we have found a name that resonates.

“Sound” verbs include:
to proclaim or make known, to make or convey an impression.

“Sound” adjectives include:
solid, firm, stable, secure, reliable, thorough, orthodox, showing good judgment or sense.

“Sound” nouns include:
a long broad inlet of the ocean or long passage of water – Puget or South Sound, et al.

Synonyms include:
coherent, consequent, good, logical, rational, reasonable, sensible, valid, well-founded, and well-grounded.

When sound is positioned alongside Christian, we believe this to be an accurate and aspirational descriptor of our community’s mission, purpose, and vision.

What’s in a Name

The term “academy” helps define our academic model and differentiates us from public schools and other institutions in the private school consortium. It also reflects the biblical saturation students receive in curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities.

This spiritual formation represents our “special or particular field” along with the aspects of mental, emotional, social, and physical development.

We are encouraged by the feedback, affirming input, and support from many of our stakeholders throughout this process.

Along with the new visual brand identity, our campus has been transformed as we have launched Sound Christian Academy. These upgrades and improvements include new signage, paint, office relocations, remodeled administrative building, grounds enhancements, additional elementary class space to accommodate growth, a robust K-12 science initiative, renovated library services, and an updated computer lab.

If you are looking for a school for your children and family, we encourage you to inquire, visit, and get acquainted. We would love to welcome you to be part of our community.

To learn more, check out our online commemorative magazine called RENEW. Click Here

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