Educational Principles

Serving students and families

Pillars of education and leadership structure

Academic Excellence

Via faculty who are caring, innovative, and equipped.

Social Development

Through community engagement. Our students are culturally prepared for college, career, or calling to service.


Our philosophy of education leads us to instruct students in the knowledge and understanding of God and prepare them for a lifetime of learning, loving, and serving Him. The task includes the best education using the most appropriate methodology to prepare the student to make an impact on the world for Jesus Christ and to accomplish His purpose in their life.

Spiritual Enrichment

Is at the center of everything we do - from biblically-based curriculum through our Christ-centered faculty and staff.

Emotional Awareness

Acknowledges we are created beings who are motivated by feelings that affect attitudes that guide our perceptions and behaviors.

Physical Expression

Through thoughtful exercise, athletic competition, and performing arts. This provides students of all ages and abilities a place and space to grow and play.

Performing & Fine Arts

The arts offer pathways for all students to deepen their understanding of God, participate creatively in His beautiful redemptive work, and to worship and glorify Him.



Our goal is that whether graduates go to college, into service, or a trade, they do so in a way that their faith is fully integrated with their endeavors.

Science, Technology, Math

Exercise Science