Renewing Our Commitment to Christian Education

By Pastor Rich Hamlin

Perhaps, there has never been a greater need for Christian education than at present. When God is excused from classroom and curriculum, the gods of secularism fill the void. And they have.

This is why Tacoma Baptist Schools, now Sound Christian Academy, exists. It is to immerse students in a biblical worldview. God’s people are instructed to bring up their children in such an environment, where His Word is spoken about along the road, when we lie down, when we rise up, and so on. We may presume this is also to take place in the classroom, playground, locker room, library, and lunchroom, too. Fathers (parents) are further urged to bring up their children “in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.” Sound Christian Academy assists parents (and the church) in fulfilling this mandate.

Consider the Investment

People may say it is too great of an investment. I understand the cost. We had three children enrolled at the same time. Hard sacrifices and creative financial planning may be in order. The formative years are precious and short. The foundation is laid. Like concrete that is poured and hardens, so do children’s hearts and minds. Sound Christian Academy is here to ensure that a good and solid foundation is ready to be built upon for our children.

It’s a New Day

Sixty-plus years ago, a handful of churches and some faithful men and women had a vision for a school. Thank God they did. Through the decades, many others have labored to graduate young men and women who were ready to serve in their various callings, stations, and spheres.

Times change, and so do the needs of the hour. The name change and academy model reflect the school. Less denominationally focused, a protestant and evangelical community has developed, expanding the school’s reach. An academy model of lower (Elementary), middle (Middle School), and upper school (High School) not only fits the school’s educational scope and sequence but also offers the family feel that has endeared many to this special place for years.

Come on By!

So, if you have never been on campus or if it has been a while, come on by. Come to a chapel or a basketball game. Request a tour. Talk with the faculty and students. You will like what you see, hear, and feel. This is a great place. There is energy, focus, and most importantly, there is the aroma of Christ. Thank you to all who helped make it such through the years and to those now laboring in the present, with their eyes on the generations to follow.

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