School Life at SCA: Experience and Relationships are the Keys to Growth and Fulfillment

Student life is about creating experiences for young people to enrich them, inspire them, and catalyze them. We want students to connect, whether it’s through a fun event, service in the neighborhood, or experience with another culture.

SCA develops programs that offer enriching student experiences at every grade level, including chapels and assemblies, cross-cultural exposure, service projects, fun social events, and school-themed activities.

Our goal is to uplift and inspire. As Christians, we are not always joyful. We contend for the “abundant life” that is overflowing, so our students are fruitful and joyful.

Equipping Through Mentoring & Discipleship

SCA infuses discipleship into all of its efforts. This includes the MOTUS mentoring groups and other areas such as the ASB Leadership team. The key at SCA is encouraging a deep relationship with the Lord, significant relationships with other students, and meaningful connections with mentors.

On the Horizon:

Lord willing and resources available, we will implement two new programs in the future:

Development Program

Reviving a past leadership program, We aim to build a program centering on character development, studying and adopting a leadership model Christ displayed for us.

Missions Projects

Missions can have an incredible transformative impact on high school students.  We want our students to learn about other cultures and be changed when they engage other peoples and experience God’s heart for the world.


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