Spiritual Life and Formation: Our Integrated Program from Elementary through High School

Our passion is that students would make the Christian faith their own, so that throughout their school experience, they discover God and grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ. We seek to cultivate an atmosphere with content and experiences that can reveal God and His truths and edify our students.

Sound Christian Academy’s mission is to develop disciples and leaders, and its vision is that its graduates would be “equipped for a lifetime of exceptional service.”

As a school and with the faculty and board behind us, our highest goal is that whether graduates go to college, into service, or into a trade, they do so in a way that their faith is fully integrated with their endeavors.

Open Arms

First and foremost, we believe in and follow Jesus’ commandment to “suffer the children to come unto me.” We make room for children to encounter and experience a relationship with Jesus Christ. This “welcome” permeates every class, chapel, and outside experience. We point our students to Jesus Christ through His word, through worship, through testimony, and through our interactions. We seek to build upon the foundation children already have through their families and local churches.

Spiritual Formation: The Key to SCA’s Mission

In terms of spiritual development, SCA aims for the “integrated self.” Faith and practice are not separate topics. Knowledge alone won’t cut it. Christian living is a reflection of truth where our behavior is in line with our beliefs. There is a problem if we know systematic theology and are arrogant. Studying should make us humble.

The core of the process depends on God’s grace for spiritual formation, defined as: “our continuing response to the reality of God’s grace shaping us into the likeness of Jesus Christ, through the work of the Holy Spirit, in the community of faith, for the glory of God and for the sake of the world.”1

As a school, SCA seeks to create the environment for growth­—one of biblical saturation, worship, truth, prayer, service, and relationship­—from the early grades through high school. Like when a baby is born, the awesome hidden formation process is revealed. Truthfully, we are astounded when we see God at work in our students, whether it’s a prayer group they initiate, an insight they share, an act of courage in faith, or a creation they make.

Pre-K through 12 Grade Integrated Bible Curriculum and Chapel Program

Each school (elementary, middle school, and high school) has its own unique approach to Bible instruction and integration and the weekly chapel program. We provide an incubator for faith development. Knowledge helps, but knowledge alone does not create disciples. Rather, it’s a combination of worship, prayer, mentoring, biblical saturation in the classroom, rich chapel experiences, and service opportunities. Relating closely to the families of our students and their churches, also help nurture a beautiful environment for fostering and building their personal relationships with Jesus Christ. 

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