Spring Spirit Week is here!

We’ve got spirit, yes we do. We’ve got spirit, how ’bout you?
Our campus is holding a Spirit Week April 26-29 and we want everyone to participate

High School

  • Monday: Regular Day
  • Tuesday: Groovy Day
  • Wednesday: BBQ Dads vs. Soccer Moms
  • Thursday: Country Club vs. Country Music
  • Friday: Flashback (turn back the clock and dress as your favorite byegone era)

Middle School

  • Monday: Regular Day (IOWA testing)
  • Tuesday: Anything but a backpack
  • Wednesday: Dress to Impress
  • Thursday: Black and White out
  • Friday: Lions Pride

Elementary School

  • Monday: Pajamas Day
  • Tuesday: Crazy Hair Day
  • Wednesday: Color Wars
  • Williams: Green
  • Beaty: Yellow
  • Weaver/Kellcy: Teal
  • Ray: Orange
  • Ashcraft: Black
  • Davis: Red
  • Thornton: Blue
  • Messersmith: Pink
  • Arbeen: Purple
  • Thursday: Class Theme
  • Williams: Dinosaur
  • Beaty: Summer/Sunshine
  • Weaver/Kellcy: Ocean
  • Ray: Rainbow
  • Ashcraft: Outdoor/Adventure
  • Davis: Dogs
  • Thornton: Owls
  • Messersmith: USA
  • Arbeen: Lemons
  • Friday: SCA Lions Pride Day/Blue and Go
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