Forest G.

Favorite teacher: Mr. Sandefur. “I had the most fun while he was teaching. He was able to balance out work and fun to a productive level. He was also passionate and funny in whatever he taught.

How long attended SCA: Six years, came in seventh grade.

Favorite SCA memory: Deck the Halls freshmen year when we did ‘Shrek.’

Sports played: Track and field, four years; cross country, MS baseball, two years; flag football, one year.

Extracurricular activities: Drama, three years; National Honors Society, two years; ASB Treasurer, two years

Future plans: Forest plans to attend the University of Washington-Seattle to study chemical engineering. Future plans are to work somewhere local, settle down and raise a family and have a dog named Kenobi. He hopes God will bless him so he can bless others. He would like to thank his mom for supporting him and constantly showing him the love of Christ.