Educational Success Programs

Dedicated to the Success of Every Student

Every student at SCA is on their own unique academic and development journey. As a team – faculty, educational specialists, and department leaders – we are 100% dedicated to helping each student thrive and achieve. 

Every student is unique, with diverse talents, strengths, and weaknesses. From the earliest grades through high school, we intentionally work with every student and seek to help them whether they need instructional support or expanded opportunities to grow.

Below are various programs and approaches that make up our comprehensive Educational Services Center.

Red Comet is a free online program that offers several options for students from credit recovery to advanced placement. It is fully accredited by Cognia AdvancEd and NWAC, approved by Washington state and the NCAA, and fully aligned with state standards. Our students can take advantage of these online courses to supplement their in-person, on-campus classes. Each student registered in a Red Comet class is given one period during the school day to work on completing their course.

Concurrent Credits are offered to our 9-12th grade students each year. We partner with Northwest University in Kirkland to provide college course credit in both Bible and English at a fraction of the cost of college fees while also receiving high school credits. Concurrent Credit is one of the most cost-efficient ways to get a head start on a student’s college education. SCA Concurrent Credit

AP Classes – Several Advanced Placement classes are offered on our campus. These include, but are not limited to, AP US History, AP Calculus, and AP Computer Science.  Students take a college-level course on campus taught by one of our talented teachers and then sit for a CollegeBoard AP test in May, also proctored on campus. Test scores can then translate into college credits based on the college requirements. What Is AP? – AP Students | College Board

SAT and ACT – To complete their standardized testing for the school year, all of our 9th-grade students take the PSAT 8/9, 10th and 11th grade students take the PSAT/NMSQT, and 12th-grade students take the SAT. Each of these tests is proctored on campus once a year. Seniors are also encouraged to take the SAT and/or ACT outside of school on dates set by the CollegeBoard at least one other time, especially if they are planning to attend college. Standardized testing at SCA