History of Sound Christian Academy

Founded in 1960

In 2020 we celebrated 60 years of serving the South Sound region originally as Tacoma Baptist Schools and now as Sound Christian Academy

Historic Timeline

The timeline traces our school’s history since its founding in 1960. Click on the < > symbols to advance or go back on the timeline or click and drag in either direction. 

1965Moving to a New Location...
1969Addition of High School
1971Student Pioneers...
1973-1978First Sports Teams
1977New Construction
1977-2001Founding Father
1983Beginning of a Tradition
1983-1989Traditions that Remain
1983-1986Moving Forward...
1984-1989Teams to be Proud of!
1991Putting on the Pads!
1990-1999Looking Good!
1990-1999Advancing a Biblical Worldview
1990-1999Moving to a New Location...
2000-2009Part of Our Legacy...
2003Moving to a New Location...
2008-2009State Champions...
2010Celebrating 50 Years...
2010-2019Having Fun...Being Social!
2010'sBuilding a Culture of Outreach...
2019New Groove...
2020Continuing to Operate...
2020Honoring Service...
2020-2021Celebraton & Recognition
2021-2022Moving to a New Location...

History of the School

In 1959 God inspired James Bramblet to build an evangelical Christian school. Recognizing a need for Christian education in the Tacoma area and with the support of six founding Baptist churches, Tacoma Baptist Day School was founded and began operations in the 1959-60 school year. Over the course of the next 15 years, two academic buildings and a gymnasium were built, and a foundation was laid that would impact generations to come to follow God with their whole hearts.

The 90-day Miracle”

In 1964 Douglas Bond became principal, and with Nehemiah like faith believed the school needed to “…arise and build and God [would] prosper His work.” In the spring of 1965 construction began for the new building at the present location. Bond believed in the economic philosophy, “owe no man anything,” and together with his work ethic inspired many to very generously volunteer time, money, and materials. As Labor Day approached in 1965, the school still wasn’t completed, so 42 volunteers worked into the night finishing every project and cleaning everything to be ready for the next day, the first day of school. What looked like a construction site just days before, was now a beautiful new school. Teachers and students alike were astonished.

By 1969 it was evident that a gymnasium and more classrooms were needed so, spearheaded by Bond and with help from volunteers, a giant steel structure was hauled from California and assembled in Tacoma. At this point it was time to officially decide on a name, So Tacoma Baptist School (TBS) opened its doors as a school educating kindergarten through twelfth grades. And soon thereafter it would have its first high school graduates.

Dr. Douglas Bond wrote, “The building is the physical evidence of a spiritual reality in those who had a part in it… TBS stands today as a monument to the faith and sacrifice that made it possible.”

With each generation of alumni, they would return to enroll their children and some would even join the faculty and staff team to inspire the next generations to follow after God.

In 2020 Tacoma Baptist Schools celebrated its 60th Jubilee Anniversary. Over the course of these 60 plus years, many changes occurred, including the adding of new athletic programs, new and improved buildings and grounds, technology improvements, traditions being established, winning of district and state championships, new internal events and traditions, the adding of multiple clubs and activities, etc. In 2003 TBS purchased New Hope Christian School in Graham, Washington and a new school district called South Sound Christian Schools was formed. Each decade saw fresh leadership and faculty with hundreds of students being educated and impacted.

Throughout the history of Tacoma Baptist Schools, God was the main focus with teaching the students the value of a godly worldview, knowing who they are in Christ, and to be well educated. All was done in hopes that when they graduate and go into the world, they will be the salt of the earth and a light in the darkness.

In 2021 the name changed from Tacoma Baptist School to Sound Christian Academy. With the name change came some other changes, like the mascot, colors and major campus enhancements. One thing remains the same and that is our mission to educate and disciple students and to foster a culture that allow studentss to explore and grow in their identities and callings in Christ.


Please review our RENEW commemorative publication which is online. Starting on page 20 there is an extensive historical section including a decade by decade timeline, historical lists of leaders and standout students, historical lists of athletic achievements, alumni stories from each decade, and many photographs.