Our approach to Middle School: Nurturing students through change

The middle school program at Sound Christian Academy is entirely intentional. With a consciousness of the needs of students, teachers adopt approaches that make learning and activities exciting and interesting. This extends to the school as a whole. We make school something to look forward to. That might include a Nerf war, a hide-and-seek party, a movie night, bowling, and more. We hold our own middle school pep rallies with our own spirit week. It’s all designed to help them feel unique and distinct from both elementary school and high school.

Nurturing students through a crucial time of change

Moving into adolescence can be a challenging time for students in those middle school years. It can also be challenging and confusing for parents. You have to understand what they are going through. Bodies and minds are changing drastically. On the one hand, they are biologically becoming adults, but on the inside, many are still kids who want to play Legos.

In the classroom, middle schoolers can often send signals that they are disinterested, aloof, or melodramatic. As teachers, you cannot overreact, take it personally, or try to reduce problems that might seem relatively insignificant. Instead, you must work compassionately with students to help them grow during these formative years. The last thing you want to do is to minimize their problems. Instead, we come alongside them, hold their hands, and walk with them through these times of change.

Our teachers work toward deepening students’ knowledge with the acquisition of skills such as organization, note-taking, test-taking, and others. Students are empowered to understand themselves and how to function. School is their job. We have high expectations and hold them accountable. We are patient and teach and coach them.

Our Mission: Every student feels loved and is empowered

Frankly, our teachers are here because they love the students and are dedicated to the mission of teaching and equipping them. We endeavour to make each student feel important and loved. As a staff, we strive to teach kindness through our actions and be models and examples of Christian living.

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